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Wayne Barron (Robert Wayne Barron DOB: February 19, 1971) was born in Ashville N.C. to the parents of Janeva Jo Somerville Barron and Duke McKellar Barron. Wayne currently resides in Sanford N.C. and is the father of Sabastian Carr-Zatian Barron.

[proimg:carrzkiss/ericcarr_07-50-28-Jul-09-2012_12-09-2007_Wayne_Barron.jpg|Carrzkiss - Wayne Barron] [Profile:Carrzkiss] [Full Name:Wayne Barron] [Age:41] [Job:Classic ASP, SQL Server Development, Videography]
== About == Wayne Barron has been working towards designing websites that bring people together, into a community that allows for everyone to work together, sharing and exchanging their knowledge with each other. This creative lifestyle has helped Wayne to create a presence on the internet, that is known around the world. == Programs & Languages Used == The programs that Wayne uses in his daily work, are some of the worlds leading programs for the field of web, database, film, and animation. === ASP === ASP (Active Server Pages) is a web development language developed by Microsoft in the mid 90s for their web language of choice. ASP is a server side scripting language that allows the developer to create interactive web pages, so the user can work within the site, saving their work to a database driven structure.