Andrew Kramer

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Andrew Kramer is an American Visual Effects and Computer Motions Graphics Artist from California, best known for his Adobe After Effects tutorials on his website Andrew Kramer is known as one of the best After Effects Artist on the internet if not in the world.

Background Information
Company Name:Video Copilot 
Years in Business:2005-2011 
Type of Business:Video Graphics 

Business Name

Video Copilot is owned and operated by Andrew Kramer to display his After Effects tutorials and to sell products to graphics designers around the world, giving people a place to go to learn and to help others in the computer Graphics designer industry. Allowing his visitors to join his Forums to give and recieve help in all things After Effects, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, and other programs that Andrew Kramer utilizes in his profession.

Motion Film Work

Movies that Andrew Kramer has worked on.

  1. Super 8

  2. 2009 Star Trek (Main Title)

  3. Fringe (Main Title)