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Dark Effects Productions (aka: Dark Effects (or) DE) is an American Video Production Company owned and operated by Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions (aka: CFF). Established on February 13th, 2011, its primary goal is to showcase photography and videography projects by Wayne Barron. The site displays images and video of visited places, and Video and Image Manipulation Effect Projects. Dark Effects is a new company and is still in the learning curves of the Video Editing Industry.

Background Information
Company Name: Dark Effects Production 
Years in Business:4 
Established: February 13th, 2011 
Founded: Moncure, North Carolina 
Founder: Wayne Barron 
Headquarters: Moncure, North Carolina 
Business Type: Image Manipulation and Video Effects 
Programs Utilized:«, « 
Twitter: « 
Website: « 
YouTube Information
YouTube: « 
YouTube Subscribers:3,357 subscribers 
YouTube views: 2,369,870 
YouTube Joined: Feb 17, 2011 

About Dark Effects

Learning Video and Image effects has always been a passion of owner Wayne Barron. Starting out in early 1993-94, Wayne would photograph and interview bands that performed at The Ritz in Charlotte North Carolina. Meeting artist nearly every weekend, Wayne was slowly becoming a well-known figure at The Ritz and with the bands that performed there.

Photography and Interviews

Wayne had the pleasure of watching some of 80s Hard Rock bands perform at The Ritz in the early 90s, among some of the musicians he met are Vince Neil (Solo, after leaving Motley Crue, and prior to Vince's daughter passing away from Cancer in 1995, Rest in peace Skylar), Blue Oyster Cult, Cinderella, Trixter, Jackyl, and Peter Criss among others bands and artist.
As well as photographing his then girlfriend and mother of his son to get in practice for what would take over 16yrs to advance into the talent that Wayne Barron has today.
Dark Effects Productions is Wayne's vision for the future of film making in his eyes. Keep up with his work on « hosted on his YouTube Channel and on the « Official Website.

Software Used

Dark Effects utilizes the following programs on a daily basis.

Adobe Products

  1. After Effects CC 2015

  2. Audition CC 2015

  3. Bridge CC 2015

  4. Photoshop CC 2014

  5. (Photoshop CC 2015 does not work properly on all systems)
  6. Premiere Pro CC 2015

Sony Products

  1. Sony Vegas 10 (Started using early 2011)

  2. Sony Vegas 11 (Started using on release date September 9, 2011)

  3. Sony Vegas 12 (Started using on release date September 9, 2012)

  4. Sony Vegas 13 (Started using on release date April 7, 2014) Will not work properly with Windows 10.

Learning, Training and Experience

Wayne Barron gives a lot of credit to Andrew Kramer from «, with his unique way of teaching, he makes the most crucial jobs seem so simple and easy. With over 117 video tutorials, Andrew Kramer has become the most sought after video effects author of the internet age.
« is a great site for picking up some extra knowledge from a large range of different authors from around the world. « is a great place for free and paid tutorials and resources. You can also find a lot of tutorials on « that relate to After Effects.
The Internet has a vast collection of sites that relate to After Effects and other programs that you want to learn how to utilize in your company.

Projects & Documentaries

The projects that Dark Effects Productions releases will be listed here with links to view the final cut of the products.

Sanford & Moncure N.C. Tornadoes

April 16, 2011 Sanford North Carolina became the target of Mother Nature's Fury as she unleashed an F3 Tornado onto People's homes and local businesses. Two People lost their lives in Sanford, while many others lost their homes, clothes, toys for their kids, and their spirit.
Wayne Barron from Dark Effects Productions witnessed firsthand just how massive and destructive the Tornado was as it came 1/2 mile from his home where Wayne, his son Carr and mother Jan Barron live.
Wayne Barron was videotaping the coming storm to get some lightning shots for upcoming projects when he heard a noise that did not sound right coming from his right, as he stood up and walked out into the yard, he witnessed a huge Tornado cloud that looked like it was coming right for their community. Luckily, the Tornado was a 1/2 mile in front of them and did not take any lives in their area. A woman had a tree fall on her home but no serious damage.
Wayne Barron with his son and mother went into Sanford to see what the Tornado had done, which he soon discovered to be a mistake as the traffic was so thick and people where being re-routed as the Tornado had taken down power lines and traffic lights. We found out that Lowes Home Improvement Store was among the damaged, and luckily, no one was injured.
The next stop was East Lee Middle School, we were informed that it had been destroyed, and this turned out to be a false claim, the middle school was spared but the homes behind it on Rice Rd, Thomas Rd, and Popular Springs Church Rd. where not so lucky. One man was killed when his mobile home was lifted from its foundation and destroyed in a mobile home park and other lost everything. The sounds the site the sorrow on people's faces was all documented by Wayne Barron as he walked through the area's that were most devastated by the storm.

7 Days after the Tornado April 23, 2011 Wayne Barron along with his Mother Jan Barron road out the storm areas, but was unable to get into the Mobile Home Page as it was still heavily guarded by the local Police Department. Riding up on the Overpass that is still under construction beside East Lee School, Wayne was able to get a wider range of video footage to use in the 7 Days after Documentary.

To view Part 1 of the Documentary, please click here. « The final release of the Tornado Sanford NC Documentary has been released and can be viewed here. « This is the final documentary that Dark Effects Productions will be doing for the Tornado of April 16, 2011 that hit Sanford North Carolina.

Documentary was Produced and Written by Wayne Barron with Narration done by Wayne Barron and his son Sabastian "Carr" Barron.

Tutorials on YouTube

Dark Effects TV (Dark Effects Productions YouTube Channel) is a place where Wayne enjoys hosting his tutorials and instructional video's for not only special effects, but programming as well. Here you will find a list of all the current videos that are readily available for you.

Dark Effects Production Lesson by: Wayne Barron 
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