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Jaycee Lee Dugard (born May 3, 1980) is now 31 years old and back at home with her mother and her two daughters. This young woman proved to the world that she is stronger than the man who took her that earlier school morning and changed her life forever. Jaycee Dugard never gave up hope of seeing that one person that helped to keep her strong, that helped to keep her alive, Her Mother "Terry Probyn".

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Background Information
Full Name:Jaycee Lee Dugard 
Date Of Birth:May 3, 1980 
Date of Abduction: June 10, 1991 
Date returned home: August 26, 2009 
Missing for: 18 Years 
Mother:Terry Probyn 
Daughters: Starlite & Angel 
Abductors: Phillip Garrido and Nancy Garrido 
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There is a lot of information about Jaycee Lee Dugard online, information about "what happened", but there is hardly any information about Jaycee, about the person, about who she is today.
This Article is with the heart of hope, the spirit of a powerful woman, a young girl who is now a mother of two daughters ages 22 and 18, information of new beginnings and the eye for a future that is true and bright.

Jaycee Lee Dugard, it is with great happiness that I write this article about you and about the person that you are today, and I hope that one day you will shine your beautiful heart around the world, and that more girls will come home as you did.

Jaycee Lee Dugard, in the words of Wayne Barron of «

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Her Book

Jaycee Dugard decided that she did not want to remain silent over what happened during her 18 years away from her mother and family. Instead of crawling into a shell, Jaycee set out to write a book about what happened in hopes that this information will help others that have been abused at the hand of man, so that maybe someone else's daughter, mother, or sister will be saved as Jaycee was.

Purchase Jaycee Dugards book here: (Barnes and Noble)

Image Source for Jaycee Lee Dugard - A Stolen Life: A Memoir

The JAYC Foundation

The JAYC Foundation provides support and services to ensure the timely treatment of families that are recovering from abduction and the aftermath of other traumatic experiences.
Our goal is to help provide the individualized assistance needed when healing from a traumatic event.

How It Affected the Author

I was raised by my mother and sister, which allowed me to learn from them, what women like and do not like and how to treat a woman. I watched them both go through heartache and happiness at the hands of man. In addition, I promised that I would never treat a woman in a way that would discriminate them in anyway, but that I would try my best to love the woman that I am with and protect those that I know and help the ones that I do not.
I was 20 years old in 1991 when I watched the news and found out about the abduction of Jaycee Lee Dugard. I remember watching the news like it was yesterday, watching her mother and seeing the anguish in her eyes for her daughter. I remember telling my friend at the time that I wish I had the money to go and help find her.
Over the past 18 years that Jaycee was missing, I will have to say that I never gave up hope that she would be found. About like I felt when « was taken, I remember telling my mother that she would be back home one day, I believed it in my heart that she would be back, and she was returned safely.
I feel the same way about Natalee Holloway, I strongly feel that she is still alive, and I hope that one day someone will spot her online or on one of the islands and return her back to her family.

Over the course of the last few years with the internet, I read different articles on missing children, especially the girls that are missing, as girls are a very hot topic online when it comes to adult video and image sites. I am a father of a 22 year old son, and the uncle and step-uncle of three nieces and two nephews as well as the son of my mother and stepmother, so this is something that really bothers me a lot. With the Internet being the way that it is, I am always looking to see if I can find some clue to point the way in helping to find one of the many girls that are missing today. When I find sites that display images of children (Little girls in sexual acts or de-clothed) I send the links over to the FBI Child protection site, in hopes that they can help these young girls.
When I found out that Jaycee was found, it was like a burden lifted from my shoulders, a feeling that I cannot describe, nothing like what her mother and sister went through by no means, but knowing that she was indeed safe and was now home with her mother who was her inspiration of hope through-out it all.

I hope that the information that I provide in this article about this very strong willed young woman will inspire all those that have been in some way affected by the hands of man, to stand up and let people know that you have been mistreated, that you have been hurt in some way by some person. Do not remain silent, and never think that it is your fault, it is not, and it is the sickness of the man.
One thing that I tell every young girl that I know, and I hope that every woman that reads this will take it and use it as their own:
I am woman, Hear me Roar!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article about Jaycee lee Dugard, may she live with peace and harmony through-out her life with her loving family.

Report Child Abuse or Missing Children

The Two Women Who Saved Jaycee

On August 25, 2011, two women noticed a man with two young girls that did not settle to well with them; the two female campus police officers did some quick research and found out that the man was a known sex offender. These two women are Lisa Campbell and Alley Jacobs of UC Berkeley California Collage. Thanks to them, they did what the police and parole officers could not do for 18 long years. Thanks to Jaycee's Daughters, they helped to save their mother, with the way the acted the 2 days talking to these two women. I think in some way, Jaycee's daughters where asking for help, but did not know how to do it, but it worked, and they go the help that they needed to save themselves and their mother from 18 years of hell.
I thank you both, and I hope that others in the law enforcement field will learn from this, in hopes that more child predators and abductors will be brought to justice, and more children and adults are returned back to the ones that love them.
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