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KISS has a large record collection spanning 4 decades and with more to come in the future. With help from WikiPedia, the following list has been compiled.

Background Information
Band Name:« 
Studio albums: 20 
Live albums: 7 
Compilation albums: 13 
Singles: 58 
Box set albums: 8 
'78 solo albums: 4 
Instant Live albums: 3 


« has a large collection of records spanning 4 decades starting in 1973 to recent recording from all around the world.

Studio Albums

1974 KISS
1975 Hotter Than Hell
1975Dressed To Kill
1976 Destroyer
1976 Rock and Roll Over
1977 Love Gun
1979 Dynasty
1980 Unmasked
1981 Music From The Elder
1982 Creatures Of The Night
1983 Lick It Up
1984 Animalize
1985 Asylum
1987 Crazy Nights
1989 Hot In The Shade
1992 Revenge
1997 Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions
1998 Psycho Circus
2009 Sonic Boom
2012 Monster

Solo Albums

1978 Paul Stanley
1978 Ace Frehley
1978 Gene Simmons
1978 Peter Criss

Live Albums

cover YearAlbum
1975 Alive!
1977 Alive II
1993 Alive III
1996 KISS Unplugged
1996 You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best
2003 KISS Symphony: Alive IV
2006 Alive! The Millennium Concert

Instant Live Albums

cover YearAlbum
2004 KISS Instant Live
2008 KISS Alive 35
2010 KISS Sonic Boom Over Europe

Compilation Albums

1978 Double Plantinum
1982 Killers
1988 Smashes, Thrashes & Hits
1988 Chikara (Japan Only, release as an Import)
1997 Greatest Hits
2002 The Very Best Of KISS
2003 The Best Of KISS: The Millennium Collection
2004 The Best Of KISS, Volume 2: The Millennium Collection
2005 Gold
2006 The Best of KISS, Volume 3: The Millennium Collection
2008 Jigoku-Retsuden
2014 KISS 40

Box Sets

1976 The Originals (First 3 Studio Albums)
2001 The Box Set
2005 KISS Chronicles: 3 Classic Albums
2006 KISS Alive! 1057-2000
2008 IKONS
2012 The Casablanca Singles 1974-1982
2014 Kissteria - The Ultimate Vinyl Case


18-Feb-74"Nothin' to Lose" / "Love Theme From KISS"
10-May-74"Kissin' Time" / "Nothin' to Lose"
10-Aug-74"Strutter" / "100,000 Years"
22-Oct-74"Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll" / "Hotter Than Hell"
2-Apr-75"Rock and Roll All Nite" / "Getaway"
10-Jul-75"C'mon and Love Me" / "Getaway"
14-Oct-75"Rock and Roll All Nite" (live) / "Rock and Roll All Nite"
1-Mar-76"Shout It Out Loud" / "Sweet Pain"
30-Apr-76"Flaming Youth" / "God of Thunder"
28-Jul-76"Detroit Rock City" (edit) / "Beth"
Aug-76"Beth" / "Detroit Rock City" (edit)
1-Nov-76"Hard Luck Woman" / "Mr. Speed"
13-Feb-77"Calling Dr. Love" / "Take Me"
1-Jun-77"Christine Sixteen" / "Shock Me"
31-Jul-77"Love Gun" / "I Stole Your Love"
September, 1977"Then She Kissed Me" / "Almost Human"
14-Oct-77"Shout It Out Loud" (live) / "Nothin' to Lose" (live)
22-Feb-78"Rocket Ride" (edit) / "Tomorrow and Tonight" (live)
2-Apr-78"Strutter '78" (alternate version) / "Shock Me"
20-May-79"I Was Made for Lovin' You" (edit) / "Hard Times"
30-Sep-79"Sure Know Something" / "Dirty Livin'"
1-Jun-80"Shandi" / "She's So European"
24-Aug-80"Talk to Me" / "Naked City"
1-Nov-80"Tomorrow" / "Naked City"
17-Nov-81"A World Without Heroes" / "Dark Light"
17-Nov-81"I" / "The Oath"
13-Oct-82"I Love It Loud" / "Creatures of the Night"
November, 1982"Killer" / "I Love It Loud"
April, 1983"Creatures of the Night" / "Rock and Roll All Nite" (live)
18-Sep-83"Lick It Up" / "Dance All Over Your Face"
6-Feb-84"All Hell's Breakin' Loose" (edit) / "Not for the Innocent"
19-Sep-84"Heaven's on Fire" / "Lonely Is the Hunter"
13-Jan-85"Thrills in the Night" (edit) / "Burn Bitch Burn"
16-Sep-85"Tears Are Falling" / "Anyway You Slice It"
18-Aug-87"Crazy Crazy Nights" / "No, No, No"
1-Nov-87"Reason to Live" / "Thief in the Night"
27-Feb-88"Turn On the Night" / "Hell or High Water"
11-Oct-88"Let's Put the 'X' in Sex" / "Calling Dr. Love" (Remix)
3-Mar-89"(You Make Me) Rock Hard" / "Strutter" (Remix)
17-Oct-89"Hide Your Heart" / "Betrayed"
5-Jan-90"Forever" (Remix) / "The Street Giveth & the Street Taketh Away"
1-Apr-90"Rise to It" (Remix) / "Silver Spoon"
22-Aug-91"God Gave Rock 'N' Roll to You II" (edit and album version)
4-May-92"Unholy" / "God Gave Rock 'N' Roll to You II"
1992"Domino" (radio edit) / "Carr Jam 1981"
1992"I Just Wanna" (Radio EQ) / "I Just Wanna"
1992"Every Time I Look at You" / "Partners in Crime" (Remix)
8-May-93"I Love It Loud" (live) / "Unholy" (live)
1996"Rock and Roll All Nite" (Unplugged) / "Every Time I Look at You" (Unplugged)
1997"Jungle" (radio edit) / "Jungle" (album version)
Aug-98"Psycho Circus" / "Into the Void"
1998"We Are One" (radio edit) / "Psycho Circus" (radio edit)
1998"I Finally Found My Way"
23-Nov-98"You Wanted the Best"
19-Aug-09"Modern Day Delilah"
8-Dec-09"Say Yeah"
11-Jun-10"Never Enough"
2-Jul-12"Hell or Hallelujah"
23-Oct-12"Long Way Down"
28-Jan-15"Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina" (with Momoiro Clover Z) (Japan-only release[B])


KISS have had their songs performed on many different movies over the years, including TV Commercials and radio spots.

Movie Soundtracks

YearMovie TitleSongs
1981 Endless Love "I Was Made for Lovin' You"
1991 Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey "God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You II"
1993 Dazed and Confused "Rock and Roll All Nite"
1994 Speed "Mr. Speed"
1996 Beautiful Girls Beth
1999 Detroit Rock City "Shout It Out Loud", "Detroit Rock City", "Nothing Can Keep Me from You"
2000 Lucky Numbers "Heaven's on Fire"
2001 Wet Hot American Summer "Beth"
2001 Rock Star "Lick It Up"
2006 A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints "New York Groove"
2007 Halloween "God of Thunder"
2008 Role Models "Love Gun", "Detroit Rock City", "Beth"(Tune of)
2009 Paul Blart: Mall Cop "Detroit Rock City"
2009 I Love You, Beth Cooper "Beth"
2010 Somewhere "Love Theme from KISS"
2011 The Dilemma "Detroit Rock City"
2012 That's My Boy "I Was Made for Lovin' You"
2015 Scooby-Doo! and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery "Don't Touch My Ascot" (Original Song), "Rock And Roll All Nite", "Love Gun", "Shout It Out Loud", "I Was Made For Loving You", "Detroit Rock City", "Modern Day Delilah"

Other appearances

2003We're a Happy Family: A Tribute to Ramones "Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?"
2014The Art of McCartney "Venus and Mars/Rock Show"