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Stop The Bullying is an Article of great sorrow and of hope, while thousands of children are bullied every day, a handful of them will end their lives to stop the hurt and pain they feel from these bullies. Stop The Bullying is a pledge to everyone to help stop the nonsense and selfless violence against our youth. Help to take a stand against the bullies at your school and online, it is time to stop the violence!

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Article Name: Stop The Bullying! 
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Bullies are people that find amusement in the torment, taunting, teasing, physical, and mental abuse of other children in the name of fun. However, it is not fun, it is cruel, and it is inhuman for a person to make another person feel less that you. Children are going to school to learn, they are going to school to be with their friends, they are going to school to have fun, not to be hurt by their peers.

This Article is about how to notice the signs that your child, your friend, your brother or sister is bullied at school or online. Here you will find information and resource links to help you to talk with the child that is bullied, in hopes that you can help them to take a stand against the children that are bullying them.

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Bullying Prevention Online

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Online Cyber-Bullying

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Help Stop Bullying

To help stop bullying does not have an age, it has a heart, and if you have that, you are ready to do something about bullying.
You can only really do someone in your own hometown and community, so the best thing to do is to do research, talk to the school guidance counselor about if they have a peer pressure group, find out if there are students that are bullied at the school.
The List

  1. Create a Support Group in your community, most companies will lease a room to you for little money or free if they feel that it helps the community and have the Sheriff's office involved.

  2. Place ad's in the local newspaper, and in the school newspaper (They will love to run it, because you are paying for it), about the group, and when the meetings are.

  3. Have a guest speakers that has been a bully in the past, they are good people to have, especially if they have served time in jail for going too far with the bullying.

  4. Have speakers that were victims of bulling, that survived it to go on with life and that did not allow the bullying to kill their spirit and their soul.

  5. You want to make sure that you send a message to the group, that they are not alone and that they have a place to go and someone to talk to when they need help.

  6. Setup a help line, have a different person for each day with their phone number, like a cell phone number that the children can call if they are down, depressed, and or suicidal over the bullying.

  7. Give them hope, give them something more than what they have.

  8. Find someone at the school, someone that people look up to, and someone that an elder in the group knows and trust whole-heartedly, and have them to help these students while attending school. If someone of a higher stature in school helps the ones that are being bullied, the bullying will slow down or even stop all together. It did when I was that person that helped in my schools when I was younger.

Do not allow any issues to happen in the group, which is why you will want to have the local Sherriff officer or city police officer to be involved in the group. This will show the group that an authority figure is there and is available for speaking to the group and helping in any way that he or she can.

There will be more information in the coming days.

What makes a Bully

Below is splitted information on boys and girls, as their reason's for becoming bullies are different in a lot of ways, and the same in some. Read the information below to help yourself to understand why they do what they do in their daily lives as a bully in school, work, and cyberspace.

Boys whom are Bullies

What causes a person to become a bully may surprise most people that are not in these types of situations in life. From my experience with some of the kids that I dealt with in school, I would talk to those kids that I protected others from, to find out why they do what they do. In nearly all cases, it all come back to issue stemming from home, which would cause drop in grades at school, and would then cause the child to become agitated and aggravated with the slightest thing, and that would cause them to lash out to other students to make themselves feel better over their own issues.

While I was in the fourth grade, I was bullied by a boy (Name not mentioned) several times a week, not every day, but it would happen. Out on the playground he would shove me down, walking to the bathroom, he would trip me. In addition, of other such childish antics that he would pull on me. Even though inside the classroom, when we would work together, we always did well, and he was very thankful for my help in the projects we aced together. I went away for my Fifth grade school year to stay with my dad. During that time, I hung out with a boy who taught me how to fight. He was in a bike gang, and I joined it. During this time, I learned a lot about how to protect myself from other.

When I went back to stay with my mother and started my sixth grade year, the 2nd week of school to be exact, everyone knew that the boy that bullied me in the fourth grade was going to beat me up in the bathroom. The teacher made sure that we did not go together in the set of three, but at the last minute, the boy made his way into the group to go. We went into the restroom, where the boy who over half of my fourth grade school year tormented me then confronted me. It took one too many words from his mouth, and I took a single hit to the side of his face, so hard and so fast, that he spun around and landed face first in the toilet. I turned and walked to the urinal, did my business, cleaned my hands and left the restroom. To the shock of everyone waiting, I walked out first, the boy walked out a minute or so later, and apologized to me, and a month later, I became his bodyguard.

I remember a boy at East Lee Middle School in Sanford, N.C., he was taunting and picking on a boy that use to be a good friend of mine. The issue with this kid is that he was not doing well in school, and the ex-friend of mine was doing exceptionally well, which made the boy angry with himself, so he took it out on the ex-friend.

There are all sorts of reasons to why these kids lash out at other children. But, if you get the child alone, out in public, where his or her friends are not at, you will see a different person, they will not be out to cause you problems, but, if in a situation where they are alone and abandoned, they will reach out for help from the kid they bully at school. This is a natural instinct, where you do not recognize anyone around you, except for a child that you do know, regardless of your relationship with him or her; you will reach out and except their generosity. This happens nearly every day, and in most cases, the child will secretly become their friend, and will no longer bully them at school, and in other cases, the child will go to school the next day and act like you did something bad by taking them home.

It is the nature of the beast that comes out in us all, when we are around those, which make us feel empowered.

Girls Whom are Bullies

When it comes to girls, there is a lot more at stake then there is for boys, and in most cases, girls can be more brutal towards other girls and even weaker boys than the bully boys can be.
Let us look at some reason why a girl will become a bully, and ways that you can help bring them back from the terrible position they are in.

  1. Rape, date rape, forced, molested - One in every five girls in America will sexually assaulted in her lifetime. In school, girls that are in situations where they are in the spot light, like cheerleaders, have the most sexual advances than any other girl in the student body. Many of the cheerleader's sexual assaults happen after sporting event where the team may have lost a game. They take their frustration out on the girls that are with them, blaming the girl for their loss, and telling them that in order to make it better, they have to have sex with them, and if not willingly, they are forced.
    This will make the girl become withdrawn from the crowd, and will eventually drop out of cheerleading all together. Then you have the girl that takes her anger out on other girls or on the weaker male, in order to make her feel better over the sexual assault.
    In cases where her father is molesting a girl at home, or her stepfather, brother, uncle, or other family member, then you have a girl who has lost her soul, and in these cases, she can be the meanest girl walking the hallways.

    When you find a girl that has gone through this type of an ordeal, it is best to get them alone, out in public and away from her friends, and talk with her. There is a way to help get her back, and those are help her to press charges and stick by her every step of the way and never leave her side. You could make a friend, and save a life in the process.

  2. Pressures at home - When a girl is having problems at home, maybe with family issues, job loss, not able to afford the clothes she wants, or secret family issues "being molested". These can all cause an impact with a girl and how she acts at school and how she treats her classmates. In cases like this, the same thing applies as the above, reach out and help her, if you are the one being bullied, you can reach out to her, if you can get her alone, in most cases, the girl being bullied, has the same issues as the one that is bulling her.

  3. Boyfriend - When a girl loses her boyfriend to another girl, she can turn on that girl, and make her life a living hell, and this is over half of the cases of girl bullying girl. The other girl has invaded the girl's territory, this makes her mad, and when a girl is territorial, she can become the queen bee of the schoolyard bitches. The only way to get this girl to leave the other girl alone, is to get her involved in something else, or someone else. Find someone that she likes, maybe someone that has looked at in the past, and have him talk to her; you will be surprised at the outcome if he is a nice person.

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