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TheRadBrad plays the top rated games of 2013 in this Series of 39 titles.

Background Information
YouTube User Name: TheRadBrad 
Series Title: 2013 Series 
Title in Series: 39 
Real Name: Bradley Lamar Colburn 
DOB: February 10, 1987 
YouTube (Updated as of 1/4/2016) Information
Joined YouTube: November 26, 2006 
Channel: « 
YouTube Slogan: King of the YouTube Walkthrough 
Subscribers: 5,464,060 
Views: 1,931,011,327 
Videos: 4,279 
wikia: « 
Schedule: 2-5 Videos a day 
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About Series

2013 brought to us some amazing new games, with higher graphics, and more visual elements than prior years. TheRadBrad brought his quick wit and ability of being a top rated gamer to these titles.

2013 Series

There is 39 Games in this Series

PreviewDateGame TitleIn SeriesViews
Grand Theft Auto 5Sep 16, 2013Grand Theft Auto 57413,946,492
The Last of UsJun 14, 2013The Last of Us556,797,752
Dead Rising 3Nov 21, 2013Dead Rising 3748,191,003
Ryse Son of RomeNov 21, 2013Ryse Son of Rome202,791,159
Call of Duty GhostsNov 4, 2013Call of Duty Ghosts172,669,368
Assassin's Creed 4 Black FlagOct 28, 2013Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag363,575,220
Killzone Shadow FallNov 15, 2013Killzone Shadow Fall12993,912
Battlefield 4Oct 29, 2013Battlefield 4121,399,544
The Walking Dead Season 2Dec 17, 2013The Walking Dead Season 2232,695,107
BioShock Infinite Burial At SeaNov 14, 2013BioShock Infinite Burial At Sea4252,016
Beyond Two SoulsOct 7, 2013Beyond Two Souls341,828,561
Batman Arkham OriginsOct 24, 2013Batman Arkham Origins212,089,117
Saints Row 4Aug 17, 2013Saints Row 4482,621,413
Splinter Cell BlacklistAug 3, 2013Splinter Cell Blacklist19892,254
OutlastSep 4, 2013Outlast131,449,671
Gone HomeAug 16, 2013Gone Home136,242
The Wolf Among UsOct 11, 2013The Wolf Among Us171,127,921
LA NoireAug 1, 2013LA Noire321,384,916
DeadpoolJul 7, 2013Deadpool14703,217
The Walking Dead 400 DaysJul 3, 2013The Walking Dead 400 Days6418,198
State of DecayJun 5, 2013State of Decay15403,549
Remember MeJun 3, 2013Remember Me22437,223
Resident Evil RevelationsMay 20, 2013Resident Evil Revelations23783,383
Metro Last LightMay 14, 2013Metro Last Light341,022,921
Far Cry 3 Blood DragonApr 30, 2013Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon10201,204
Dead Island RiptideApr 22, 2013Dead Island Riptide31674,871
Injustice Gods Among UsApr 16, 2013Injustice Gods Among Us15708,309
Army of Two The Devil's CartelMar 28, 2013Army of Two The Devil's Cartel15181,822
Bioshock InfiniteMar 26, 2013Bioshock Infinite381,327,729
The Walking Dead Survival InstinctMar 18, 2013The Walking Dead Survival Instinct16808,544
Gears of War JudgmentMar 17, 2013Gears of War Judgment14154,700
God of War AscensionMar 12, 2013God of War Ascension25584,176
Tomb RaiderMar 5, 2013Tomb Raider291,737,535
Crysis 3Feb 19, 2013Crysis 316296,093
Metal Gear Rising RevengeanceFeb 19, 2013Metal Gear Rising Revengeance25556,719
Aliens Colonial MarinesFeb 12, 2013Aliens Colonial Marines10169,373
Dead Space 3Feb 5, 2013Dead Space 3441,128,447
DmC Devil May Cry 5Jan 14, 2013DmC Devil May Cry 535547,017
Deadly Premonition The Director's CutMay 6, 2013Deadly Premonition The Director's Cut1066,928