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TheRadBrad plays the top rated horror games One in this Series of 37 titles.

Background Information
YouTube User Name: TheRadBrad 
Series Title: Horror Series 
Title in Series: 37 
Real Name: Bradley Lamar Colburn 
DOB: February 10, 1987 
YouTube (Updated as of 1/4/2016) Information
Joined YouTube: November 26, 2006 
Channel: « 
YouTube Slogan: King of the YouTube Walkthrough 
Subscribers: 5,464,060 
Views: 1,931,011,327 
Videos: 4,279 
wikia: « 
Schedule: 2-5 Videos a day 
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About Series

TheRadBrad brings it on, and gives it everything he has. From throwing chairs, to some of the best catchphrase to come out of video gameplay ever. In this series of Horror games, TheRadBrad takes us along as we witness him beating the levels and or just plain right out getting killed on each and every turn he makes. However you look at it, TheRadBrad really brings it on in this series.

Horror Series

There is 37 Games in this Series

PreviewDateGame TitleIn SeriesViews
Silent Hills (P.T.)Aug 13, 2014Silent Hills (P.T.)3612,029
Scary Indie GamesMay 10, 2012Scary Indie Games301,021,799
The Evil WithinOct 13, 2014The Evil Within375,220,013
Alien IsolationOct 6, 2014Alien Isolation252,873,430
Resident Evil Revelations 2Feb 24, 2015Resident Evil Revelations 27560,685
Resident Evil RemasteredJan 19, 2015Resident Evil Remastered5363,422
Five Nights At Freddy'sSep 3, 2014Five Nights At Freddy's2325,333
Outlast WhistleblowerMay 7, 2014Outlast Whistleblower6650,572
DaylightApr 21, 2014Daylight4271,177
OutlastSep 4, 2013Outlast131,449,671
Cry of FearFeb 26, 2012Cry of Fear32785,763
DayZJan 9, 2014DayZ413,449,434
Dying Light BetaDec 29, 2013Dying Light Beta2114,907
Dead Rising 3Nov 21, 2013Dead Rising 3748,191,003
Resident Evil RevelationsMay 20, 2013Resident Evil Revelations23783,383
State of DecayJun 5, 2013State of Decay15403,549
Dead Island RiptideApr 22, 2013Dead Island Riptide31674,871
Dead Space 3Feb 5, 2013Dead Space 3441,128,447
GreyAug 26, 2012Grey10140,920
Cryostasis: Sleep of ReasonJul 20, 2012Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason24240,358
Silent Hill HD CollectionApr 28, 2012Silent Hill HD Collection43846,501
Lone SurvivorApr 4, 2012Lone Survivor15102,662
Silent Hill DownpourMar 11, 2012Silent Hill Downpour692,849,807
Amnesia: Custom StoriesAug 15, 2011Amnesia: Custom Stories22138,701
AMYJan 11, 2012AMY14194,812
Amnesia: White NightDec 18, 2011Amnesia: White Night13136,653
Dead Rising 2: Off the RecordOct 10, 2011Dead Rising 2: Off the Record44555,397
Dead SpaceSep 30, 2011Dead Space19345,114
Dead IslandSep 5, 2011Dead Island64997,007
Nightmare House 2Aug 30, 2011Nightmare House 29211,272
Dead RisingJul 10, 2011Dead Rising27215,061
FEAR 3Jun 21, 2011FEAR 326224,690
Amnesia: The Dark DescentMar 19, 2011Amnesia: The Dark Descent27486,976
Dead space 2Jan 24, 2011Dead space 2441,340,057
Condemned: Criminal Origins / BloodshotSep 11, 2010Condemned: Criminal Origins / Bloodshot250,837
Dead Rising 2Sep 28, 2010Dead Rising 268742,353
Until DawnAug 24, 2015Until Dawn263,711,806