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KISS Concerts are some of the most outrages shows on earth. Never topped, and never duplicated. Though there are tribute bands out there, that do a pretty good job, they can never beat the real deal. The KISS concert it a spectacle that is beyond comparison.

Background Information
Band Name:« 
Origin: New York City, New York, United States 
Genres: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam Metal 
Years Active: 1973-present 
Labels: Casablanca, Mercury, Roadrunner, Kiss Records, Universal Music Group 
Current Members Information
Guitar & Vocals: « 
Bass & Vocals: Gene Simmons 
Lead Guitar & Vocals: Tommy Thayer 
Drums: Eric Singer 
Past Members Information
Drums: « (deceased),  
Drums: Peter Criss 
Lead Guitar: Ace Frehley 
Lead Guitar: Vinnie Vincent 
Lead Guitar: Mark St. John (deceased),  
Lead Guitar: Bruce Kulick 
Lead Guitar: Bob kulick (5th Member) 
Associated Acts:Wicked Lester, Black 'N Blue, White Tiger, Frehley's Comet, E.S.P., Union, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Badlands, Grand Funk Railroad, Blackjack 
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KISS is possibly the best around for their concerts. From the beginning to today, they still draw crowds in the thousands, and sellout nearly everywhere they play.
In this article, you will find a list of nearly all, if not all of their concerts, with information on the shows, the songs list, where they played, the date of the performance, along with images that were possible from the shows, or during that time period.


We are working on compiling this list, please bear with us during this time.
There will be links added several times a week, until the completion.
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70's Concerts

Concerts from the year 1975. This is the year they record the « album from. This tour and its accompanying album, helped to shoot KISS into super stardom.
«, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss

70's KISS Concerts
1973 Concerts Listings
1974 Photograph Listings
1974 Concerts Listings
1975 Concerts Listings
1976 Concerts Listings
1977 Concerts Listings
1978 Concerts Listings

80's Concerts

Concerts during the 80's brought us a changing of members in KISS.
« on drums.
Vinnie Vincent on Guitar.
Mark St. John on Guitar
Bruce Kulick on Guitar (Bruce would stay with KISS until
the mid-90's when Paul and Gene Reunited with Peter and Ace to do a Reunion Tour.)

80's KISS Concerts
1982 Concerts Listings
«, Gene Simmons, «, Ace Frehley 1983 Concerts Listings
Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, «, Vinnie Vincent 1984 Concerts Listings
«, Gene Simmons, «, Bruce Kulick 1985 Concerts Listings
«, Gene Simmons, «, Bruce Kulick
1986 Concerts Listings
«, Gene Simmons, «, Bruce Kulick 1988 Concerts Listings
«, Gene Simmons, «, Bruce Kulick

2010's Concerts

« with Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, continue to wow crowds every where they go.

2014's KISS Concerts
2014 Concerts Listings
«, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer