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Performed with « from 1980 thru 1991 before his untimely death from Heart Cancer. Eric Carr is possibly one of the most beloved members of the popular makeup wearing, fire breathing band called KISS.

An up and coming actress, talkshow host for «, advocate against bullying, a «.

The abduction of young girls happen more often than most people care to think about. This page is dedicated the girls that were taken from their families, and returned back to them either shortly after, or years later. May all them return where they belong. « was missing for

Lesson's created by Wayne Barron showing how to use the program in Post-Production video editing work. These lesson's are for Beginners to Advanced users.

One of Swedish's top Hard Rock bands. Starting their career in 1992 through the death of original lead singer « † in 2010 to the continued efforts with new lead singer Nic Maeder.

An American Author, publishing books based on what it is like to be a teenager. Regardless of what era you grew up in, these books are sure to bring you back to your teenage years once more.